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Board Certified Podiatrist

Dr. Jacob D. Leigh caters to the podiatric needs in Cedarhurst, NY and strives to ensure all his patients feel well cared for. He has a passion for practicing cost-effective and evidence-based medicine.

Dr. Jacob Leigh earned his podiatric medicine degree from Temple University. He subsequently completed a three-year residency in podiatric medicine and surgery with reconstruction of foot and ankle at St. John's Episcopal Hospital.

He shares a great rapport with his patients, he is known for his medical knowledge and dedication amongst them and his team. Trained to address a broad range of foot and ankle problems.

He understands how hectic life can be balancing work and home duties and how there is often no time for foot pain. He is committed to getting you back to your normal hectic life as soon as possible. Additionally, he can converse with his patients in English as well as Korean.


Monday 9am-5pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-2pm

Sunday 9am-2pm

Dr. Leigh: About
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